People who live with the everyday challenges of brain injury have unique and valuable knowledge to help guide human service system improvements. But some symptoms can make it difficult for people with brain injury to participate on the teams and work groups that meet to discuss and plan improvements. Those with and without brain injuries share the responsibility to make lived experience understandable and actionable.

The following are tips that professionals and people with brain injury can use to make the most of the lived experience of brain injury when collaborating on teams.

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Father and daughter walk hand in hand.Idaho State University’s- Institute of Rural Health in cooperation with the Brain Injury Alliance of Idaho along with its other partners are providing a public comment period on Idaho’s first five-year traumatic brain injury plan. The review process will take place from August 20-31, 2018. A copy of the plan can be found here. Please, submit your feedback to Russell Spearman at or call him at (208) 373-1773.